Project results

There are many research studies that indicate that some therapy-based solutions, including a variety of tools, devices, toys, etc., can have a significant impact on community functioning for students with disabilities. In most cases, they are not very practical, but scientific. The results collected in the electronic compendium are analysed in relation to the components of the intervention, such as the characteristics of the learners.


R1. E-Compendium

It provides a list of existing solutions and practices used in partner countries to promote the key competencies of SEN students. 


R2. Online training course

The goal of the course is to provide solutions, best practices, products, tools, toys, etc. that address social development, communication, and interaction with students with special education needs, as well as an analysis of teacher and parent needs and issues. 


R3. TEDDY Avatar

It is an app designed to promote the development of social, civic, and digital skills in students with special education needs, ages 9-14. Specific features of the tool related to diagnosed special needs can be coded by a teacher. The focus is on social development and communication.


R4. E-platform

It provides learning and teaching materials, tools, methods, methodologies and collects all project results and other resources, with an interactive space for users to share comments, experiences and best practices.

Project number : 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000027809